Hello visitors! My nickname is BCreations and im currently working on my new website. Theres not much but over the months more will come in. I give advice to people years 1-16 any age over i probrobly wont answer. I know theres lots of myspace fans. Im one myself. So i will be making some div overlays for myspace. I will also make quotes and maybe ill consider comment boxes. Well i gotta go now its time to sleep =]. i really do hope you enjoy this website and i will be looking forward to answering peoples quetions. I hope i put smiles on everyones faces and leave happy thoughts in your minds!. And i do hope you tell all your friends about my website and that it may not be so great now but it will be you can count on it.. Any suggestions? Go to my Contact BCreations and type in your name email and comments on the site. Also if you want advice teen advice or an advice on a site please feel free to use that as an advantage. =]!



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    My Nickname is BCreations as im saying this for the millionth time. But my real name will not be said on this website. Just call me BCreations. I'm a teenager and really there's alot special about me. I make mistakes and im willing to help you with yours. I have problems. Who doesn't well thats it for now bye!


    April 2009



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Hi! My nickname is BCreations and i make myspace quotes and Div Overlays! I also Give advice and help people with their problems! Fun is just a click away. So come into my website and have some fun!